Change My Mind

Winner of the MIP International Pitch Competition 2019

1 Teen, 1 Adult, 48 Hours to Change a Mind. Arguing with another adult is one thing – but how would you fare when faced with the impassioned pleas of a child?

It’s said that by the age of 35, our opinions on most social issues are fixed. We are holding fast to deeply set values concerning race, gender, politics and religion. Our daily existence is shaped by a lifetime of habits and immovable boundaries.

But what if you met a child with the power to change your mind?

The lives of 24 ordinary adults will be turned upside down for 48 hours and perhaps forever as they are asked to challenge a preconceived notion by a child/teen activist (8-16).

We will watch as deeply imbedded beliefs are torn apart by some of the youngest but most passionate people in the world and we will join them as they learn more about their cause through the eyes of adults.