Everyday Alien

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Everyday Alien

Everyday Alien has been selected to be part of the ScreenHits Pilot Showcase and can be seen exclusively on Samsung Smart TVs until Jan 2017.

Alien is the new normal.

Jupiter High School, locked in orbit around a supermassive quasar, is an inter-species melting-pot, with one exception. Until now, no human set foot in Jupiter high. Gwen and her family moved from Earth to the far side of the galaxy. Within an hour of arriving Gwen is press-ganged into the Student Representative Council. As the only human senior attending the school, her voice needs to be heard.

But nobody wants to hear it.

Gwen’s not as smart or pretty or scary as her new classmates. She’s so normal it’s weird. In a school full of avians, androids, and six-eyed fish, Gwen’s just another alien trying to survive at a Galactic High.