Dig Deep Creek


Dig Deep Creek

Dig Deep Creek was the Winner of the 2011 MIPJunior Kids Jury.

They were worlds apart in school, but now they’re stuck together in Dig Deep Creek.

Six very different teenagers hurl through a wormhole into the parallel world of Dig Deep Creek – an 1850s ghost town, patrolled by a mad bushranger. The teens’ worst nightmare of being stuck together is nothing compared to the danger of the wormhole as it spews forth aliens, meteor storms, intergalactic monsters and a host of gross foes. The teens daily struggle to find food and water, outwit the bushranger and battle the wormhole’s perils is hamstrung by their relentless infighting. Can they work together to survive day to day – let alone find their way back home?

Dig Deep Creek is a sci-fi western, packed with adventure and comedy.